Interim Training Management Services

Akonia Interim


Akonia provides high quality interim training management expertise for Learning & Development department and projects.


Training Services

Interim training management is most relevant when you have a short-term need for a particular type of expertise:-


  • To manage a one-off training project
  • During a period of organisational change or transition
  • To fill a gap between a training manager's departure and recruiting a replacement
  • While opening up a new market
  • When acquiring and integrating a new subsidiary company


Our priorities are your priorities -  As Interim managers we are contracted by you to you, and will always be working to achieve your business objectives. 


Important Benefits

There are many important benefits to be gained from using an Interim manager:


  • Higher expertise that is cost effective
  • A closer relationship with you and better integration into your organisation
  • Providing better follow-through
  • Accepting greater responsibility and ownership


Interim Management offers higher expertise that is cost effective.

We have over 25 years experience in the IT, Learning & Development, Retail, Recruitment, DotCom and Public Service sectors working for multi-national corporations, and more than 15 years building, developing, leading and managing UK and EMEA training organisations, and where applicable generating multi-million £ revenue.

This is significantly more expertise and experience than you would expect of a permanent manager, and is cost effective because you won’t be paying bonuses, employer’s National Insurance contributions on earnings and benefits, pension contributions, car allowance, health and other benefits.


Interim Management brings a closer relationship with you and better integration into your organisation.

As interim managers we become an integral member of your organisation - a part of the organisation chart. We will fulfil all the normal duties that you would expect such as business development and planning, delivery and results-driven assessment, conducting appraisals, project planning and control, producing regular reports, etc.


Interim Management provides better follow-through.

We don't just produce reports and advise on the course of action to be taken; We act proactively and 'do it', implementing recommended changes that are needed and agreed.


Interim Management accepts more ownership.

We take responsibility for assessing, recommending and implementing changes and will face the consequences of those actions; We have a much greater degree of ownership of the project and its success.  Your reputation and ours depends upon it.