Corporate programme - for your Graduates and Apprentices


Helping your graduates and apprentices to lay down a solid foundation of business skills on which to build a successful career.


You are an organisation that recognises the value of providing your in-takes of graduates and apprentices with Apprentice and Graduate programmes.


You understand how important it is to develop your young employees with periodic rotations across departments, and job-specific technical training for the roles they will undertake.


But, do you give as much importance to the development of essential business skills?


According to the Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie Mellon Foundation, 75 percent of long-term job success is directly related to soft [business] skills, while only 25 percent of success is attributed to technical knowledge.


We can help you to improve and enhance your Apprentice and Graduate programmes with the delivery of a tailored business skills curriculum running throughout the duration of your programmes.


What our clients say:


“Lucy Electric is an inclusive business that believes in its people. As such we need staff development programmes which are wide-ranging and challenging in order to bring out the best in our people.

I am very pleased to have discovered GradStart®, whose programme offers a depth and breadth of business skills subjects to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of our young graduate engineers, and developed their self-confidence, working relationships and understanding of our business.

The programme has also enhanced our ability to retain these young employees in the business.

We are delighted with the transformation that the programme has brought about in the young employees who have already attended it.”

Caroline, HR Business Partner, Lucy Electric



“Things at Lucy Electric have gone from strength to strength. I'm now part of the Technical Project Team which coordinates all our projects and enjoying every single minute.”

Jacqui, Engineering Project Leader



Corporate benefits - Stand out from the crowd.


With half of large employers delivering a graduate programme, and all large employers paying the apprenticeship levy from April 2017, you have a great opportunity to differentiate your organisation by providing an enhanced programme that embeds and emphasises the development of essential business skills, to attract top calibre apprentices and graduates.


  • Reach optimal productivity faster

    Research and empirical evidence shows that development programmes — embedded with essential business skills — and mentoring interventions, can accelerate the young employee reaching optimal productivity by as much as 40%; achieving a rapid return on investment (RoI).

  • Improved employee engagement

    With 1 in 4 graduates likely to leave their first employer within 12 months(according to research by CEB) embedding essentialbusiness skills to improve your young employeesperformance will result in better engagementand help retain them for the long term.

  • Content aligned to your organisation

    Enjoy the flexibility to tailor and align the GradStart® programme content and delivery to the needs of your organisation.



Employee benefits - Make engagement a priority.


How your graduates and apprentices feel about their jobs, and how engaged they become, will depend upon a combination of factors. This includes the value they feel they contribute to the team, department and the overall organisation, as well as the recognition they receive from their peers, managers and senior executives.


It is critical that you engage your graduates and apprentices in developing business skills alongside the technical skills and corporate knowledge they will learn on your Apprentice and Graduate programmes.


  • See their self-confidence grow so they take more initiative in the workplace.
  • Develop the ability to ask better, more critical questions of the people they meet.
  • Better working relationships come from applying Emotional Intelligence [EQ] which is pervasive throughout the curriculum.
  • Understand business drivers and strategy and appreciate that running a business is a complex activity.
  • Take control of their career and map out a strategy and the steps for achieving their career ambitions.





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